POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide

Here is a link to our newly updated POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide so new and returning Rangers can look this over before training.

Training is at 8PM on Friday at the BoOB Base.

We are still looking for signups for some of the odd hour shifts. Please sign up here.

First time rangers can not sign up for shifts before training.


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Announcing…the POrtalBurn 2017 HELP Guide!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen – your resource for all things portal.
Download now for your pre-POrtal perusal!
Or, if you love the feel of paper in hand, have no fear – a black&white, print-friendly version is forthcoming.

POrtalBurn HELP Guide 2017 – FINAL

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POrtalBurn 2017 Placement Map

Here it is!

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Submit your POrtalBurn 2017 events HERE!

Announcing the POrtalBurn 2017 Event Submission Form!

Hoping to host a sock hop, high tea, or wild- thing rumpus? Then this is the link for you!
Fill it out now – submissions close July 8th!


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Event Submissions are now OPEN!

Announcing the POrtalBurn 2017 Event Submission Form!

Hoping to host a sock hop, high tea, or wild- thing rumpus? Then this is the link for you!
Fill it out now – submissions close July 8th!

Submit Events


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THIS! This is what POrtalBurn is all about!

Our Greeter Lead has something to say about the 10 Principles.  And it goes something like this… click HERE to check it out!

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We want YOU for POrtalBurn HELP Guide 2017!

Hello, POrtalBurners!

We are psyched to announce that preparations for the 2017 POrtalBurn HELP Guide are officially underway!
(Translation: Angela has about 5 pages of doodles and a dream.)

That said, she’d love to work with YOU to get YOUR doodles, dreams, and whatnot featured in this year’s document!
Whether you consider yourself a visual artist or not, please consider sending something her way.
Remember – it is what we make it!

Questions? Comments? Content?
Message Angela the HELP Guide Lead at portalburnhelpguide@gmail.com.

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Art Grant Applications are OPEN – don’t delay!

The Art Grant Applications are open for submissions, but there are only 2 and a half weeks left to ask us for some money! Don’t wait! Do it Now! I COMMAND YOU!
(LOL! Did that last one go to far?) But seriously, you shouldn’t wait!  Click HERE for the application.

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POrtalBurn 2017 Art Grant Applications Due by May 26th

POrtalBurn is Upstate New York’s Official Regional Burning Man Event. Enter a world of the wild, the wonderful, the mysterious, and the magical! We are setting the stage for a weekend of unbridled creativity and invite you to participate and share in this experience. Find out more information at portalburn.com

Do you want to bring your creative visions to POrtalBurn? Let’s make those brilliant ideas come to life!   We have money for art grants & for our effigy and we can’t wait to spend it on you!

Please complete the Art Grant Google Doc Application HERE and remember you must attach a detailed budget in order to be considered for an art grant.

Come out and play with us in Upstate NY!!

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POrtalBurn 2017 Tickets: 420 on 420 at 420

Tickets for POrtalBurn 2017 will go on sale on April 20, 2017 at 4:20pm eastern. There will be 420 tickets available.
The ticket price is $50. This is a $10 increase from the previous three years. The POrtalBurn BOD is committed to keeping ticket prices reasonable and within reach for all participants in our community. We believe the $50 ticket price is necessary, and still achieves that goal. The key factors driving the increase in ticket price include…
• Based on community feedback, we need more POrtal potties.
• In 2016 we added a day to the event – opening gates on Thursday instead of Friday. We did not increase ticket prices at that time, but as a result we did incur additional costs. We need to factor that in now.
• We desperately need website development, and will be putting a call out to the community to find assistance with that effort. We anticipate there will be costs associated with this undertaking.
• As a responsible Board of Directors, we must ensure that POrtalBurn has funds in reserve to cover unforeseen catastrophes. At this time, the reserve funds are insufficient to protect the organization. The community has demonstrated we have something special with POrtalBurn and we anticipate longevity, so we need to build the reserve fund to ensure our continued success.
Tickets will be sold via Brown Paper Tickets HERE. There will be a small service charge. There will be no tickets sold at the gate. Children 12 and under will not require a ticket. There are no tiers – all tickets will be released when ticket sales open. As before, all BOD members, Leads, and Art Grant Recipients will have reserve tickets to ensure they are able to participate, and will be provided with a reserve code to use when purchasing their ticket. There are no comp tickets for POrtalBurn.
POrtalBurners… mark your calendars!
2017 ticket sales: 420 tickets on 4/20 at 4:20pm eastern
2017 event dates: Thursday, July 27 at 5pm – Monday, July 31 at noon
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