Lead Announcements for POrtalBurn 2016

Hello POrtalBurn Community! We sincerely appreciate everyone who submitted a Lead application for our Upstate NY Regional Burn. Your interest in taking on a leadership role is appreciated beyond measure. We are thrilled to announce your Department Leads for POrtalBurn 2016! The following people have stepped up to volunteer their time and talent to make this years event even better than the last. To help facilitate communications between Leads and the Community, we’ve created department Gmail accounts for inquiries. They’re listed here for reference… please be patient and give us a chance to get plans in place before hitting them up. We know everyone is excited! We will keep you informed of progress on our new Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/POrtalBurnNY/) and here on our Official website.

Join us in welcoming the POrtalBurn Leads! We’re super happy to have these amazing burners on board and look forward to their contributions to the evolution of POrtalBurn!

Volunteer Lead
Katy McClure (KT-Rex)

HELP Guide Lead
Stacy Fuller (Tiki Bubbles)

DPW Lead
Greg ‘Bird’ Cunningham

Art Co-Leads
Kate Tanos (Fate)
Debi Mansour (Crackerjack)

Theme Camp & Placement Lead
Keith Weil (Teeth)

Sound Lead
Anthony Vallone (TwinNumberTwo)

Parking Lead
Nathan Andrew Wright (Hot Dog)

Gate & Ticketing Co-Leads
Nicholas Giove (Nyk)
Zack Gangemi

Medical Lead
Steven Lowinger

Ranger Co-Leads
John Cholewa
Rachel Kory

Fire Team Lead
Rob Morton

Jennifer Dublin

You all rock!

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