Art Grants

Art & Effigy Grant Applications are now closed for POrtalBurn 2016!

Grant Application deadline was May 9, 2016.

Decisions were to be communicated to applicants no later than May 16, 2016, however, they are delayed due to the new land search.

If you have any questions feel free to email

Adopt a POrtal Potty at POrtalBurn!!
We have 12 potties up for adoption. First come- first granted.
You decorate your potty and we will reimburse you up to $25.
Keep in mind that your decorations should not interfere with the servicing of your potty.

The POtty grants will open on Wednesday, June 15th. Check back here on Wednesday for the link to the application.

Whoo hoo! All the POtties have been adopted!

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