BREAKING NEWS!!! Welcome to Hummingbird Hill!

We are incredibly excited to announce the location of POrtalBurn 2016: Hummingbird Hill ( in Almond NY. The dates will remain the same: Aug 4 – 8. Do yourself a favor and google map search it and look at the Earth view. Do you see that?! Yes – you are correct! We have a pond again! And beside the pond there is a party house which we can use as well. The land has a hill but is mostly flat in areas where camping will go, and the owners are wonderful people. We will be releasing more information soon.

Look for tickets to go on sale on June 6 at 7:00pm.

Also keep your eyes open for volunteer opportunities – POrtalBurn needs you!

We are so ridiculously excited about this site (thank you Anthony George for the connection!!!) and for how POrtalBurn is growing.

We look forward to burning with you!

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PortalBurn 2015 Afterburn Report

Better late than never…

2015 Afterburn Report

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Art Grant Applications Are Now Open!

Art & Effigy Grant Applications are now OPEN for POrtalBurn 2016!

Grant Application deadline is May 9, 2016.

Art Grants!

Any questions contact

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Lead Announcements for POrtalBurn 2016

Hello POrtalBurn Community! We sincerely appreciate everyone who submitted a Lead application for our Upstate NY Regional Burn. Your interest in taking on a leadership role is appreciated beyond measure. We are thrilled to announce your Department Leads for POrtalBurn 2016! The following people have stepped up to volunteer their time and talent to make this years event even better than the last. To help facilitate communications between Leads and the Community, we’ve created department Gmail accounts for inquiries. They’re listed here for reference… please be patient and give us a chance to get plans in place before hitting them up. We know everyone is excited! We will keep you informed of progress on our new Facebook Page ( and here on our Official website.

Join us in welcoming the POrtalBurn Leads! We’re super happy to have these amazing burners on board and look forward to their contributions to the evolution of POrtalBurn!

Volunteer Lead
Katy McClure (KT-Rex)

HELP Guide Lead
Stacy Fuller (Tiki Bubbles)

DPW Lead
Greg ‘Bird’ Cunningham

Art Co-Leads
Kate Tanos (Fate)
Debi Mansour (Crackerjack)

Theme Camp & Placement Lead
Keith Weil (Teeth)

Sound Lead
Anthony Vallone (TwinNumberTwo)

Parking Lead
Nathan Andrew Wright (Hot Dog)

Gate & Ticketing Co-Leads
Nicholas Giove (Nyk)
Zack Gangemi

Medical Lead
Steven Lowinger

Ranger Co-Leads
John Cholewa
Rachel Kory

Fire Team Lead
Rob Morton

Jennifer Dublin

You all rock!

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Welcome Our New Board Members!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of three new members to the POrtalBurn Board of Directors. Welcome Meg O’Toole, Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley, and Damian Masterson! The addition of MegO, Dom and Damian will help the board broaden its knowledge and experience with volunteerism, sound, consent, and gate operations, as well as expand the boards geographical representation beyond the Rochester and Albany areas. With a full board, we’re also able share more responsibilities to support the POrtalBurn community better, including acting as liaisons for our Department Leads (which we will also be announcing soon). Please join us in welcoming them!


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Dates, Location, and Leads … Here we go!!

PortalBurn, the official Upstate NY Regional Burn, is bouncing its way giddily towards its 4th burn which will be held on private land in Ovid, NY from August 4-8. Popular myth is that 2016 will be the 3rd PortalBurn, but truth is the virgin PortalBurn was in 2013. It was small and intimate with about 50 people… just enough to bring some upstaters together and dip our toes into the regional burn waters. Well, now after two more burns, we are fully immersed and looking for fresh faces to join the leadership team!

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve secured a new location for 2016, still within the Ithaca region. While our 2015 location was wonderful, community feedback sent us searching for land with more flat space and tree camping. Well we got it! Along with a babbling brook! As everyone knows, getting this show on the road takes a village though… and we need you.

We are currently accepting applications for new Board Members. If you want to be part of the leadership team that builds the framework for the event, fill out an application and let us know! The deadline for applying is Dec 15, 2015. We’ll be making the final decision on selecting new Board Members shortly thereafter.

We are also looking for Leads for all departments that are the meat and potatoes of PortalBurn. Lead applications are now open and we’d love to hear from anyone interested! If any of these tickle your fancy, please apply: Parking Lead, Fire Team Lead, Medical Lead, Ticketing/Gate Lead, Volunteer Lead, Theme Camp Lead/Placement, Ranger Lead, HELP Guide, DPW Lead, Art Department Lead, and Sound Lead. The leads will play a huge role in helping to orchestrate the logistics for PortalBurn 2016 at our new site, so we want to get folks on board as early as possible. Please apply soon!

Apply For Lead Positions Here!

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The Leadership Applications Are Here!

We are proud to announce our freshly minted board application, found below and on the Leadership page!

Board Member Application

Interested in helping to make awesome happen?! Show us what you’ve got!

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POrtalBurn 2015 is now SOLD OUT!

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2015 HELP Guide

Here is your 2015 HELP guide!! All the events and information you’ll need to maximize your PortalBurn experience!

PortalBurn HELP 2015 (low-res)

PortalBurn HELP 2015 (high-res)

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PortalBurn Placement and Site maps are here!

PortalBurn2015 Placement Map

Site Map

Site Map East Side

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