Theme Camps and Placement

Want to have a placed theme camp at POrtalBurn? Or maybe you just want your theme camp listed in the HELP Guide. How about getting your pop-up camper or sleep-in vehicle placed on-site? WTF, maybe you need all of the above! Well, look no further, you salty dogs.  This is the POrtalBurn 2016 Theme Camp and Placement Form. It has questions, boy, does it have questions. They help us to organize the shit out of this burn to make it great. Like, bacon pancakes kind of great. Like, riding a flaming unicorn into an exploding neon sunset of explosions kind of great. You’ll love it. The sooner you do it, the better because the deadline is THURSDAY, JULY 21st. Okay? It’s the 21st of July. Before midnight. 11:59. PM. That’s Post Meridiem. On Thursday. Not any Thursday though. The 21st of when? That’s right. July.

Placement Requests are now closed.


2 Responses to Theme Camps and Placement

  1. Eric says:

    Hello all. I am getting excited for Portal Burn. I am sure we will find a space. I am bringing my Coffee Pots again this year to serve that wonderful hot morning drug. I am also making my wonderful Lemoncello.(shooting to have it ready by burn time) So I would like to set up a theme camp. I am calling it “Camp Brew Labs” Most likely Lab coats will be involved. I would like to be next to Brendan and Casey’s Camp something Prophet” Cause I need to use the generator. Thanks

  2. Eric says:

    Camp Altered Prophet. 🙂

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