Theme Camps and Placement for 2017

Hello and welcome to the Theme Camp and Placement Form. Please place all answers in the question boxes and complete the form before 7/1 @ 4:20PM EST. You may edit your response until then. Check all your baggage at the link and keep your snark on you at all times. Should you feel confused or frightened, feel free to contact your local placement advisor at with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation and have a magnificent life.

Click HERE for the Theme Camp/Placement Application form


2 Responses to Theme Camps and Placement for 2017

  1. Eric says:

    Hello all. I am getting excited for Portal Burn. I am sure we will find a space. I am bringing my Coffee Pots again this year to serve that wonderful hot morning drug. I am also making my wonderful Lemoncello.(shooting to have it ready by burn time) So I would like to set up a theme camp. I am calling it “Camp Brew Labs” Most likely Lab coats will be involved. I would like to be next to Brendan and Casey’s Camp something Prophet” Cause I need to use the generator. Thanks

  2. Eric says:

    Camp Altered Prophet. 🙂

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