POrtalBurn is a Volunteer run event. Thank you for Volunteering!

Click on the links below and you will be redirected to Sign-Up Genius where you can sign up for the shifts you would like.

Our community considers volunteering a gift and an opportunity for civic participation, not to mention, it’s FUN!  Volunteering is a unique experience that will make your burn even better.  POrtalburn is 100% volunteer run and doesn’t happen without you, so sign up for your preferred shift today!  If you have any questions or need support in volunteering, please contact portalburnvolunteer@gmail.com.

If you have questions for any of the department leads their contact information can be found on our contact page




Volunteer (TIT – The Information Tent)




Fire Perimeter


14 Responses to Volunteer

  1. Day Vole says:

    Is there a sanctuary tent? there was last summer. I’d volunteer for it.

    • Joshua Russo says:

      Yes we do plan on providing a sanctuary tent. Though sanctuary manifests itself to the extent there are volunteers to staff it

      • JB says:

        where is the sign up for sanctuary volunteers?

      • Sara Eddinger says:

        I would do a shift at sanctuary

      • Atiq Zabinski says:

        I also would like to volunteer for Sanctuary. I’ve been described as “the best person I know to have around when you’re having a bad trip.” I’m very much a wounded healer/caretaker type, and having needed Sanctuary at Burns on more than one occasion, have some opinions about what makes for good Sanctuary work. In brief, listening skills and compassion are more important than any formula or method for calming people down.

        • Painter says:

          I would like to encourage you to attend Ranger training and take a Ranger shift during the wee hours of the night. Due to the size of our burn, we are asking Rangers to cover Sanctuary and we would love to have your skills there!

  2. Mark Roberts says:

    I am interested in volunteering for fire team and rangers
    I don’t see it in the volunteer list….I have been a fire team lead and have my own bunker gear, Pike pole and firefighting equipment….I have also been a ranger a few times and KHAKI…Any help wood be greatly appreciated… 832-589-4590

    • Joshua Russo says:

      That’s awesome Mark! Thanks for showing interest in volunteering! We are just getting all of our department leadership team up and running. They’ll get the volunteer signups posted, which should be up by June. Until then you can contact the leads directly from our contacts page http://portalburn.com/contact-location/

  3. Loud mountain says:

    Hi I’m local to the area and I have some building materials I would be willing to donate plus a lot of wood to burn if you are interested please contact me at jmfminute @aol.com glad to help out

    • Joshua Russo says:

      Hi Loud Mountain! Thank you so much for the offer! I think we’re good though. Hope you can make it to the event!

  4. Eric says:

    I dont think we have ANY tickets. I thought we “donated” money and in return got an invite to a wonderful party with some of the most wonderful people in the world. 🙂

  5. Michaela says:

    I want volunteer for medical, but I don’t think I can be at the burn the whole time due to work responsibilities, is there any way I can get a ticket for a reduced price if this is the case?

  6. Joshua Russo says:

    We’re still getting there. The volunteer site isn’t up yet

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